45 Fairground St NE, Marietta, GA 30060

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Traditional COMFORT FOOD

There are times when trendy dishes or cutting edge cuisines don't seem to satisfy that deep hunger. You may find yourself reaching for that "feel good" food; traditional comfort dishes like fried chicken, creamy mac-n-cheese, and moist delectable pound cake that recalls the vivid memories of a Sunday afternoon dinner at Grandma's house. The Manna House Cafe prides itself on the comfort food that satisfy the palate and recharges the soul. This is a place where wholesome, fresh, flavorful dishes epitomize home cooked soul and comfort food at its finest.




Serving the finest SOUL FOOD
Located in
the heart

"The finest soul food is that food that offsets the complexities of life while simultaneously satisfying the palate and recharging the soul.", says owner, Brent Tiggs. The Manna House Cafe yields an epicurean experience second to none where customers feast on barbeque ribs, baked chicken, fresh fish paired with fresh vegetables cooked fresh daily. There is absolutely no question about it... that you'll savor every morsel of food when you experience...

The Manna House Cafe!!


Only 1 mile away from the Marietta Square is where you can find hot, fried, and well-seasoned fish or simply good ole home cooking! The Manna House sits in the heart of Marietta; a place considered as one of Georgia's best-managed cities. Marietta, a site of many outdoor concerts and events, is nationally recognized for offering a high quality of life for its residents. Being a proud citizen of Marietta is what inspired The Manna House’s first location.





Rich. Insatiable. Sumptuous.

The Manna House’s desserts are made from scratch. Yep! That’s exactly what we meant – from scratch – infused with the right ingredients and oven-baked just like Mama used to do! You’ll enjoy the sensational taste from a slice of glazed Lemon Pound Cake, Key Lime Cake, to the famous and luscious Red Velvet Cake and more!

We promise that your taste buds will appreciate you!




45 Fairground St NE, Marietta, GA 30060 

Monday to friday 7Am-7pm  / CLOSED Saturday & SUNDAY

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